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"Disposable Wet Wipes"
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The "One-Use Wet Wipes" made for your business is a product that represents you from the special design to the customer's use. Therefore, the suitability and quality of the product should be very important to you. .

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Wet Wipes & About Us

Disposable Wet Wipes are cute and happy marketing products that emerge in the late 1990s

Wet Wipes, which we usually encounter in restaurants, have a wide range of use, from cleaning our hands to wiping, to wiping something, to wipe our face, to wipe your shoes.

WetWipeAds, we produce wet wipes at every moment of the day. We produce thousands of wet wipes every day to help you feel clean and relax.

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The sample product table is as follows. All prices are included. The production time starts after the approval of your logo and graphics works.

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